Hello Fellow Seekers,

My name is Andrea Cosnowsky and I have been a religious leader for over 15 years. As an ordained rabbi, people come to me seeking answers for problems that plague them.

I am also an adjunct professor at Elmhurst University.  When enter the office labeled "Rabbi Andrea Cosnowsky," they are expecting to meet a traditional rabbi, not me! But after a few minutes they see, that although I come from a background of religion, I believe that today’s world demands answers from a spiritual perspective, not only a religious one.

I draw wisdom from all religions, faith traditions and belief systems, I have found that the principles that underlie spiritual wisdom holds true for all major religious perspectives. On my blog, I share my experience of being broken, downtrodden, exhausted and disappointed and how I overcame these obstacles. Sometimes using the perspective of spiritual wisdom can give order to the chaos that surrounds us.

This is the purpose of my blog: I wish to offer hope through a new lens of spirituality. I seek to offer meaning to a confusing life journey. I invite you into this forum to share stories, experiences and wisdom as we trudge the road together into the future.

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Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear from you.  You can post a question in the comment section or email me at Spirituallens.com@gmail.com

Best wishes,

Rabbi Andrea Cosnowsky

Bringing shifts in perception, to provide clarity and hope through the lens of spirituality